Saturday, July 5, 2008

Faithful Jesus by Abby O.

Jesus is with me all day long
I sing and praise Him with my song
He’s the moon, the stars, the sun, the rain
No one can compare, to his mightiness

Overflowing with love
For everyone
Whether you’re sinner, an unbeliever, or full of faith
Jesus shines his face on you everyday

When the rain starts pouring
Jesus is with you
When all seems hopeless
Jesus is right there

He’s going to make your days worth while
He’s the alpha and omega, the Lord our God
You’ll fulfill your dreams
And he’ll always be faithful

And when judgment day comes
You’ll have something to say
About how Jesus was with you
Even through the pain

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beneath The House by Abby O.

Beneath the house

Lies a scary dark man

Still, Unmoving



But at night

When I approach

The house

The piercing screams

Heard everywhere

Fill my ears

When I come


To the dead man

His still

Unmoving body

Leaps to my feet

Grasping my ankle


On the ground



The man



My Leg


I cry

But the man





To my heart

The nails



In the organ









On the




As the man




The house

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Immortal Soul by Abby O.

If you could live forever

What would you do

Would you find a soulmate

Or would you stay single

For you know that

One day

That boy or that girl

Would die

Would you

Sit in libraries

And read books

Acquiring a vast array

Of meaningless knowledge

Or would you

Go out and play

Enjoying your endless days

If you could live forever

Would you serve your country

Or would you stay home

Watching television

And finding other mindless ways

To live the eternal life

That you would behold

A life that many wish to have

Would you cry and cry

As you sit and watch

As your friends And family

Pass by

As memories pass by

As your happiness becomes stone

And your heart turns icy

But as you may see many consequences

Come with eternal life

For there are

Two things

That eternal life doesn't offer

Eternal Love

And Eternal Happiness

If you could live forever,what would you do

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Sun by Abby O.

The sun is rising
High and mighty
Above the dark gloomy city
People are sleeping
Babies are crying
But me I sit upon this hill
Watching the sun rise
Searching the answers to life's mysteries
Waiting upon the hill to see the mighty sun
With a bible or notebook in hand
Writing or reading
Exploring the majestic ways of the sun
Skimming through the book of all answers
Watching the sun rise
Watching the moon disappear
And the sun restore
Natural light
Peace and order
To this world
Feeling the sun's rays glisten upon my smooth dark skin
Hearing the people awaken
Grouchy and angry
For it's the start of a new day
But me I just sit here
Upon the hill
Watching the sun

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crossing the Appalachians by Rachel Cullen(My fake pioneer name)

I've been on the road


On the dark rough rocky trail

Edward has already crossed to Kentucky

Isabella left to Pennsylvania

But me I'm still crossing

Many've caught some kind of diesease

But I'm still healthy

I've heard that Kentucky

Is full of rich rop soil

For growing and farming

The place sounds like a dream come true

Back in Connecticut

The land's expensive

It's already reached $50 per acre

I mean who can pay for that?!?

So I'm crossing the Appalachians

In search for cheaper land

In search for cheaper livin'

Hope I find it

It may be hard

With horses getting sick

And cattle dying

But I'm not giving up

My bones might feel like broken biscuits

But I'll be riding

For my quest wont be over

Til I'm strong and happy over the Appalachians

I'm gonna finally have a decent meal

No more dry bread

And dirty water

But soft,warm bread and fresh lemonade

I'll be united with Edward and my children again

Then we can live peacefully

Maybe even make friends with the Cherokee

I just can't wait till I'm past the Appalachians

This was my history project.See how I mixed Edward Cullen with History class.I am such a smarty!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Balloon of My Heart by Abby O.

My heart is like a balloon
Flying away
Nobody can catch it
It's got its freedom
Blown up nicely
With my sincere happiness
Nobody can find it
Not even me

When I'm sad
Or mad
My balloon gets smaller
For its supply of helium is very low

Excitement and joy expand its size
Books and knowledge make it smarter
To know curves and toils I'll go through
But love makes it burst

Love overwhelms it
It gets bigger and bigger
For its stronger that excitement
And it is happiness and joy

Faith paths its way
For my love of God
Is stronger than any love
Or heartbreak

As you can see
My heart is a big balloon
It flew away
And nobody has caught it,not yet...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Love As Sweet As Pie by Abby O.

This love as sweet as pie

You would think would never die

All the sacrifices that I've made

All those people who thought I was insane

I didn't believe them

'Cause I had faith in you

My boo

All that faith I had in you

It all disappeared

On one rainy day

Our love sweet as pie

Buried deep down in the layers of my heart

You told everybody my secrets

You made rumors and conspiracies

All about me

Now everybody despises my presence

They believed you

I had faith in you

I thought you were the one

But I guess I was wrong

But I'm curious my dear

Why did you destroy this

Breaking my heart in the process

My love as sweet as pie